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Welcome to my EARTH website.
In this sphere You can see the my World through my lens:
travel, people, dance, religion, emotions.

You can also visit HEAVEN, my website on astrophotography, here.

Check my Magnificent Skies project, in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight.

Cristiano Justino


Cristiano Justino was born in Germany in 1980. At the age of ten, he adopted Portugal as his home country.
Later, he studied Electrotechnology Engineering and completed a master degree in this field with a robotics project. He has been consolidating his career in Electrotechnology Engineering since 2004.

Photography brought a special light to his life in 2012, the year in which he took his first training in digital photography. From then on, he pursued several technical, artistic and thematic training, international photography expeditions, national and international awards and individual and collective exhibitions.

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  • “Your best camera is the one You have.” — Cristiano Justino

  • “When using a prime lens: No legs, no zoom.” — Cristiano Justino